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Inside Mimi

Meet the Women of Mimi – Justyna, Data Engineer

Mimi was attractive to me as I had been working in a sound-related field with sound recognition technology, and I wanted to work on something that actually helps people and makes everyday life easier. That along with the people during the interviews and the company atmosphere, I felt really welcome and that I could grow as a person and as an engineer.

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How DSP Concepts and Mimi Help People Hear Better

Mimi Hearing Technologies are now helping them address a user health problem that is widespread but often hidden: hearing loss. Through an app-based hearing test and compensation technology, Mimi allows audio manufacturers to provide a personalized listening experience on TWS earbuds — and thanks to DSP Concepts Audio Weaver, the product development platform for the Audio of Things, adding Mimi’s technology is fast and easy.

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Hearing Wellbeing

How to protect your ears in loud environments 

We’ve all spent time in loud environments like nightclubs, bars, concerts, and sporting events. Music in clubs and at gigs can be as loud as 110 decibels. You might need to shout to be heard talking to someone standing right next to you. The following morning you wake up, and your ears are ringing. Depending on how loud the music was, it might be enough to damage your hearing. And once your hearing is damaged, it’s permanent. Fortunately, there are things that we can do to prevent hearing damage in loud environments.

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Hearing Science

New Mimi Hearing Test Apps

We at Mimi are excited to announce the update of our Hearing Test App for iOS and Android! The current version has a brand new look and feel to make hearing wellbeing even better for you. The app includes not only our new beautiful Mimi logo and a warm, fun and inviting color scheme, but also the new and more personalized Mimi messaging.

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Mimi Closes $25 million in Series B Funding

Mimi Hearing Technologies, the global leader in hearing wellbeing and audio personalization software, today announced the closing of $25 million in Series B funding. The funding round is led by MIG Capital in a consortium with a larger Munich-based family office and Salvia, the family office of Helmut Jeggle, along with additional German family offices and existing shareholders.

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