Podcast featuring Mimi: Better Hearing with Smart Headphones

kHz & Bitgeflüster is the first HiFi podcast in the German language. Hosted by Olaf Adam, the Editor-in-Chief of HIFI.DE, the podcast engages in thought-provoking discussions with experts from the HiFi world, delving into the most exciting topics within the industry.

In the episode #47, Mimi’s CEO, Florian Schneidmadel, takes center stage and shares insights on the trend of sound personalization and the technology behind Mimi products. Together with the host they explore the opportunities and benefits of this innovative feature. 

Tune in and find out which devices can be used to get sound tailored to user’s individual hearing ability.  Learn why sound personalization is gaining popularity among younger audiences, and how it can enhance user’s listening experience. 

kHz & Bitgeflüster Folge #47: Besser Hören mit smarten Kopfhörern? Mit Florian Schneidmadel (Mimi Hearing Technologies)