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True Wireless meets Mimi Sound Personalization

Mimi Hearing Technologies have announced the launch of Mimi Sound Personalization technology in the new X by Kygo Xellence True Wireless Earphones. First announced at CES 2020, the partnership will bring the Mimi Sound Personalization experience to X by Kygo user’s in the brand’s first True Wireless headphone release.

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Hearing Science

Mimi World Hearing Map 2020

Thanks to its hearing test apps Mimi has created the world’s largest database of digital hearing profiles and is able to undertake extensive modeling on human hearing data from around the globe, providing fascinating insights into how the world hears by region and demographic.

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Mimi and our friends at the Good Hearing Initiative are launching a nationwide campaign called #silenceforfuture

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Inside Mimi

The Daily: the efficient team alignment

The daily sync is meant to align team members around topics that they are working on so that communication is clear and blockers are transparent. We have experimented with a variety of tactics to get to an effective, efficient daily sync and have come to the following method.

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