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 Switch between profiles, play with the different content types to discover how Mimi transforms the audio experience and adapts the sound to each person’s hearing ability.

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Hearing loss levels per age group

*Please note that the “No loss” category may include even more users than indicated, as the specificity of the Hearing Test app may play a role.

During our demo, we used common hearing profiles found in society:

Mark has ~2 dB hearing loss, which is considered as “No loss” on our test

Emma has ~11 dB hearing loss, still in the “No loss” category

Tom has~17 dB hearing loss, which falls into the “Slight loss” category

Mimi Hearing Test app, with over 3 million tests worldwide, has revealed varying degrees of hearing loss across age groups. While stronger hearing loss is more common among older individuals, it can still affect people of all ages.

Mimi Sound Personalization brings the biggest benefit to users with mild to moderate hearing loss. Despite that, the demo indicates that even people with no or slight loss can improve their hearing experience with Mimi products.

Disclaimer & Copyright

The following audio simulates hearing ability and Mimi’s restoration effect. This means that everything you will hear is always from the perspective of someone else’s profile.

Music by Coma-Media from Pixabay
Movie from Documentarystorm