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Hearing Test

Yes. We take into account the expected delays of interacting with your mobile device.

Our test is designed to work in a quiet environment. If the test is taken in a noisy environment the results may be inaccurate. For accurate results, we suggest waiting until you can find a quiet place before taking the test.

This is called a contralateral masker and is to be expected. It is used when testing hearing. The contralateral masking noise (in the opposite ear) appears when the pure-tone reaches a certain volume. This masker prevents ‘cross talk’, a phenomenon in which the ear not being tested picks up the sound for the ear that is being tested.

Every headphone model has a different tuning, potentially affecting the results of your hearing test. For supported headphones we take these differences into account when processing your data, ensuring that the test results are consistent and accurate independent of the specific headphone characteristics.

The Mimi App currently supports the following headphones: Apple EarPods, Apple AirPods (1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations), Apple AirPods Pro (1st and 2nd generations), Apple AirPods Max, Powerbeats Pro, and Beats Fit Pro.

You can use the model number of your AirPods to find out which generation of AirPods you have. 

  1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth. Alternatively, you can go to Settings > [your AirPods].
  2. Find your AirPods in the list (for example, “John’s AirPods”).
  3. Tap the More Info symbol button next to your AirPods.

Now that you have the model number, you can use it to learn which AirPods you have. Read the full overview on the Apple website: Identify your AirPods

If your headphones aren’t on our supported list, it means we haven’t yet gathered the necessary data to include them in the test. You can still go ahead with the test, but please be aware that the results might not be as accurate. Offering support for additional headphones takes time, but we’re actively working to extend the list in the future.

Accuracy & Reliability

Under ideal test conditions and when used as intended, the tests provide accurate results. Our tests have been built and tested by both scientists and audiologists.

The Mimi Hearing Test App offers a Pure Tone Threshold (PTT) test – the Pure Tone Threshold (PTT) test is a type of hearing test that uses an automated procedure modeled after the Békésy tracking method. This makes it especially suitable for app-based mobile hearing tests. Originally, it was developed to automatically determine how well you can hear sounds of varying pitches through air-conduction. The accuracy of the PTT test has been confirmed through accuracy studies conducted in our lab and with various partners. These studies compare the PTT test to a recognized standard under the same conditions. We have also conducted studies to verify the reliability of the test.

Several factors can influence the accuracy of your hearing test results, such as your overall well-being, ambient sounds, headphone model, and time of day. Background noises may make it harder to perceive test signals near your hearing threshold, which may distort your test results. Also, it’s essential to avoid loud noise exposure before taking the test, as it can affect the outcome. Loud noise can cause auditory fatigue, where the ears become temporarily unresponsive due to overstimulation. Therefore, it’s crucial to test under quiet conditions, without any recent extreme exposures that might temporarily impact your hearing ability.

For the most reliable results, follow these guidelines:

  1. Use supported headphones.
  2. Take the test in a quiet environment.
  3. Turn off any sound enhancements on your device, including headphone safety functionality, headphone accommodations and  audio balance.
  4. Avoid recent exposure to loud sounds.
  5. Check that your headphones are tightly and symmetrically fit to your ears.
  6. Ensure your device has sufficient battery power, is plugged in, and that you avoid interruptions.
  7. Try to take the test under similar conditions each time to consistently monitor your hearing.

Some people have asymmetric hearing, meaning the ear’s hearing abilities differ. In these cases, the better ear can partly compensate for the other. Your hearing grade is defined by your better performing ear.

Yes, you can still complete the test assuming that the tinnitus occurs within narrow bands of frequencies. Note, however, that in these ranges, the threshold can not be accurately determined with our test, because the Tinnitus sound is masking the faint test signal. The test results in other frequency ranges should not be affected, though.

If you have any concerns about your hearing, please follow up with a hearing healthcare professional. Mimi does not supersede or replace a decisive diagnosis by a physician, does not allow direct diagnosis and is not intended to be used for monitoring, treatment or alleviation of any disease or disability.

Tracking your hearing health

Your Mimi hearing profile is a reflection of your hearing ability, which is likely to change over time. Keep your profile up to date by using the “Take hearing test” button and testing regularly.

Data Privacy & Security

Yes it is. We take data privacy and security very seriously. We are GDPR compliant and you can read more about our privacy policy and data usage here.

Apple Health

Yes, you can sync your test results to the Apple Health app.

Easily connect your hearing test results to the Apple Health app. To auto save your hearing test results in Apple Health, permissions are required:

Step 1 Enable Permissions 

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap Privacy & Security 
  • Tap Health
  • Tap Hearing Test (Mimi) and enable all categories.

Step 2 Check Your Connection Status

  • Permissions Activated: The app will show a ‘Connected’ status.
  • Revoking Permissions: If you ever change your mind and revoke permissions, the status will change to ‘To connect’. Just follow the prompts to reconnect.

Step 3 Syncing Your Data

What’s Shared? Once you give permission, your latest hearing test results will automatically sync with Apple Health.

iOS Hearing Test App Update

  • Major bug fixes and enhancements: We’ve made significant improvements under the hood to ensure a smoother experience.
  • Extended list of supported headphones: We’ve expanded our range of supported headphones, giving you more options to tailor your listening experience.
  • New UI/UX: We’ve revamped our app’s look and feel to provide you with a sleeker and more intuitive interface.
  • More insightful hearing test results: Understanding your hearing is now easier than ever with clearer and more comprehensive overview.

After taking the hearing test you will receive personalized hearing test results. 

  • Hearing Loss Grade: You will receive one of 5 hearing loss grades defined by your better performing ear: No hearing loss / Slight hearing loss / Mild hearing loss / Moderate hearing loss / Severe hearing loss.
  • Hearing Number: Your Hearing Number is a metric that can help you better understand your hearing and how it changes over time.
  • Hearing Capacity: The Hearing Capacity, ranging from 0 to 100%, indicates hearing ability for each ear.  
  • Hearing Sensitivity (only available in certain regions): The graph represents how well you hear different frequencies.

The Mimi Hearing Test is no longer a CE-certified medical product (class 1) – based on the European Union’s regulatory framework. While the Mimi Hearing Test may no longer hold its CE certification, we remain committed to providing you with a high-quality and user-friendly hearing test experience. This change comes alongside significant updates to our Mimi Hearing Test app for iOS devices, enhancing your experience and providing even better insights into your hearing health. We’re confident that the latest updates to the app will enhance your journey towards better hearing and wellbeing – learn more about the Mimi Hearing Test app.

The audiogram is no longer available due to changes in regulations associated with updates to our CE certification. You have now access to the following test results: Hearing Sensitivity (regional availability), Hearing Loss Grade, Hearing Number, and Hearing Capacity.

The MT test has been removed from the app, as for  the foreseeable future we will be focusing on improving our existing products, and concentrating our development efforts on the Pure Tone Threshold (PTT) Hearing Test. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to bringing you more advanced features and functionality in the future.

MT Test results are no longer available within the Mimi Hearing Test App.

Android Hearing Test App Update

We made the decision to remove the current version of the Mimi Hearing Test App from the Google Play Store to focus on developing new and improved services. This step allows us to enhance our other offerings and better align with current technological and regulatory standards. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to bringing you more advanced features and functionality in the future.

Your data and test results stored in the Mimi Hearing Test app for Android will remain accessible through your account. You can continue to access your information securely by logging into your Mimi account online at If you need any assistance or have concerns about accessing your data, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

You can continue to access your data by logging into your Mimi account here 

Mimi is committed to continuing the development of hearing-related apps and services. For the immediate future we will be focusing on  enhancing our PTT Hearing Test available on the iOS Mimi Hearing Test App. Additionally, we aim to broaden and improve our offerings for integration partners in various consumer electronics sectors. For more information on sound personalization, our products, and partnerships, please visit our website.

  • Mimi Sound Personalization Chrome Extension: This extension allows you to personalize sound settings on your Chrome browser.
  • Mimi Hearing ID: Personalize Mimi-enabled headphones using your Mimi Hearing ID, which you created using the Mimi Hearing Test App. You can find more information about compatible partner products here.

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