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Mimi’s mobile hearing test is #1 globally

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Supported by Charité Berlin, Europe’s leading university clinic

CE-certified medical product (class 1) in Europe, preparing class 2a

Mimi Hearing Test App free* is a digital hearing screening tool

The user-friendly test is easy to complete and is the perfect application if you are curious about your hearing health.

You will be guided through a hearing test and can perform it in the comfort of your own home. 

It takes just a few minutes, and can be done on a smartphone or tablet. 

After completing the test you will receive individualized results about your hearing.

Hearing Test

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Mimi Hearing Test does not supersede or replace a diagnosis by a physician and is not intended to be used for monitoring, treatment or alleviation of any disease or disability. If you have questions or concerns with regards to your hearing health, please consult a medical professional.

*Mimi strives to provide our Hearing Test apps free of charge. However, there may be occasions where we need to introduce a pricing model. We reserve the right to make adjustments to the cost of our products at any time, either globally or in specific regions, or for certain features within the app.

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