Mimi for Speakers

Maximize your bluetooth speakers’ audio capabilities with
Mimi for Speakers sound solutions

Mimi for Speakers

Unlocking universal listening benefits

When listening with a speaker at a BBQ, party, or in the park, frequencies all around us mask the details in music and other audio content. With Mimi, these details can be brought back, providing a more enjoyable listening experience.

Transforming audio experiences for users across the globe

Mimi tailors the audio to effectively address situational hearing loss, by emphasising details in the audio without needing to turn up the volume. This  delivers significant listening benefits to everyone in noisy environments. 

Mimi for Speakers

Mimi puts emphasis on sound quality

Enhance your bluetooth speakers audio with Mimi’s easy-to-integrate sound solutions

Turn Mimi On/Off
the single click
of a button.  

Choose between different sound profiles based on your listening preferences.

Transform the speaker into a fully personalized device, with audio tuned to your unique hearing.

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Try Mimi with one of our partner’s headphones and experience personalized sound like you’ve never heard it before. Pick your favourite Mimi-enabled device here.