Mimi Sound Personalization

Engage in a truly immersive listening experience with Mimi Sound Personalization. Mimi’s science based technology will bring you audio tuned to your unique hearing.

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Sound tuned to you

Adapt audio to your unique hearing ability and restore missing details, make music richer by adjusting frequencies, and hear every word without needing to turn the volume up.

An enhanced audio experience

Mimi’s biologically inspired and complex signal processing solves problems an EQ cannot. Mimi Sound Personalization provides a real-time simulation of the human ear. Only those frequencies you are not able to hear are unmasked.

Technology that knows your ears, based on years of hearing research

Mimi is a bio-algorithm born out of years of hearing science research that replicates the way the human ear works. Mimi adapts the  audio signal in real time helping the ear to transmit more information to the brain.

Sound Personalization – it’s all about you

Every ear is unique and our hearing changes over time. Hearing ability varies with age, health conditions or congenital factors, and is also influenced by listening behavior. We use glasses to see objects more clearly, so why don’t we use technology that can do the same for our hearing?

Designed for seamless integration

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Try Mimi with one of our partner’s headphones & TVs and experience Sound Personalization like you’ve never heard it before. Pick your favourite Mimi-enabled device.

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