World Hearing Index

(Last data update 06.02.2024)

The Mimi World Hearing Index provides a unique glimpse into the global hearing landscape. It is based on the results of the Pure Tone Threshold (PTT) hearing tests taken in the Mimi Hearing Test App on iOS devices from 2017 to 2023.

The results of the tests taken in the app have enabled Mimi to create the world’s largest database of digital hearing profiles and gain insights into global hearing trends. 

How does your country hear?

  • Highest positive difference​​
  • Highest negative difference​​
  • Neutral
  • No data

The World Hearing Index shows the difference of each country to the ‘Mimi Norm’: 

Highest Positive Difference Positive values indicate better than average hearing (in terms of PTA4 [dB HL]).

Highest Negative DifferenceNegative values indicate worse than average hearing (in terms of PTA4 [dB HL]). 

Neutral = No difference to the Mimi Norm could be detected.

The Mimi Norm is a standard developed by Mimi Hearing Technologies based on comprehensive data analysis. This norm serves as a reference point for the expected level of hearing ability associated with a person’s age. Hearing is described by the PTA4 (pure tone average across thresholds at 500, 1k, 2k, and 4k Hz) of the better ear for each person.

For each country, the norm is used to derive the average difference between the people’s hearing and their expected hearing based on their age. During these calculations, we take the different age populations into account.

Global Hearing Insights

Highest negative difference​​

Countries with heightened traffic-related noise levels, like Vietnam and India, display significant negative difference to the Mimi Norm, suggesting worse hearing ability among Mimi users in these regions. 

Highest positive difference

European countries, especially those within the Schengen region, consistently rank higher, reflecting better hearing ability among their residents. 

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