State of Sound 2023 Report Shows New Consumer Priorities for Hearing Enhancement

State of Sound Report 2023

Qualcomm State of Sound report presents critical insights drawn from extensive research conducted with global consumers. This year’s study involved surveys of 7,000 smartphone users. 

Qualcomm states, “The report examines the factors that influence audio device purchases, as well as interest in present and future usage scenarios, and is intended to help understand the qualities that consumers seek across a range of audio equipment.”

The 2023 edition of this report delves deep into the realms of hearing enhancement and personalized audio, shedding light on the latest trends and innovations that are transforming the way we listen and communicate. 

Hearing Enhancement: The Quest for Enhanced Auditory Experiences

In a world brimming with technological innovations, the pursuit of auditory excellence has taken center stage. The notion of hearing enhancement is no longer a mere afterthought but has emerged as a key factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Hearing enhancement is becoming a more important purchase driver: 24% of survey participants listed hearing assistance/enhancement as a key factor they would consider when purchasing their next earbuds. This demand was higher in the ages 18-44 (27%) category vs. 45-64 (20%). 

Source: Qualcomm State of Sound 2023 Report

Hearing difficulties are not just experienced by the hearing impaired: Hearing enhancement isn’t important solely for those with hearing impairments. 61% of respondents noted difficulties in hearing clearly in bustling workplaces, lecture halls, and meeting rooms. Furthermore, 29% have turned to earbuds as a means to mitigate background noise. This is becoming more prevalent in the current world of hybrid working environments. 

Premium Sound: Personalized and High-Quality Audio

In the era of personalized technology, sound is no exception. The Qualcomm State of Sound 2023 Report highlights the rising interest in personalized audio, emphasizing the need to develop unique audio experiences tailored to individual preferences.

Personalization is a  likely purchase driver: 60% of respondents listed hearing personalization (one-time hearing test for personalized audio) as a likely purchase driver for their next earbuds/headphones. This was highest in China and India, at over 80%.

High-quality audio more important than ever: Listeners are actively looking for premium audio experiences, with music quality more important than ever. Premium audio experiences are front of mind for listeners, with 73% stating “I make sure that sound quality on my devices gets better and better with every purchase”, up from 67% in 2022. 

Qualcomm State of Sound Report High Quality Audio
Source: Qualcomm State of Sound 2023 Report

Connecting Personalized Audio With Hearing Wellbeing

Mimi’s innovative hearing technologies seamlessly integrate into the hearing enhancement landscape. Our solutions offer a holistic approach to hearing health within consumer audio devices, emphasizing not only enhanced audio experiences but also user-centric sound personalization.

With Mimi’s cutting-edge solutions, individuals can optimize their audio, protect their hearing, and craft personalized listening experiences tailored to their unique hearing abilities and preferences. As the report statistics affirm, Mimi’s products are a vital companion for those seeking a harmonious marriage of technology and sound, enhancing the way we hear and connect with the world.

The 2023 State of Sound Report

The 2023 edition of The State of Sound can be downloaded here.

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