Mimi Sound Personalization in 4 Million Partner Devices

Mimi has reached a very exciting milestone – with Mimi Sound Personalization technology now available in 4 million partner devices across the globe.

The increasing adoption of personalized sound highlights its importance not just for enhancing audio experiences but also for safeguarding and promoting hearing health. With the World Health Organization (WHO) reporting a rising global prevalence of hearing loss, Mimi’s technology plays a pivotal role in addressing this pressing public health concern by offering personalized audio solutions that help towards mitigating the risk of hearing impairment.  

The Power of Sound Personalization

Imagine a world where consumer audio devices are your sound companions that adapt and cater to your unique hearing preferences – Sound Personalization is precisely that! Our cutting-edge technology tailors sound output to your specific hearing needs. It is not a ‘one-sound-fits-all solution’ but a highly customized approach that ensures that you can enjoy all your audio content as it was meant to be heard. From listening to podcasts, or watching a movie, you can experience audio like never heard before.

Global Impact Through Partnerships

By seamlessly integrating personalized sound technology into everyday devices, Mimi is working to democratize access to personalized sound and hearing wellbeing products.  Our partnerships with industry-leading headphone and television brands including Focal, Teufel, Skullcandy, beyerdynamic, boAt, Nothing, Cleer Audio, Philips, and Loewe is placing the power of tailored sound directly into the hands of millions.

A Step Forward for Auditory Enhancement

Sound Personalization isn’t just about improving auditory experiences; it’s about redefining the relationship between you and your devices. By acknowledging that each individual’s hearing is unique, Sound Personalization creates a bridge between technology and human senses, leading to an enriched and more inclusive digital auditory landscape.

Promoting Hearing Health

The integration of Sound Personalization technology is also about promoting hearing health awareness and protecting your hearing. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to listening to audio at high volumes can lead to hearing fatigue and even long-term damage. Mimi’s approach is a proactive step towards addressing these concerns. Mimi brings back the missing details and minimizes the need to turn the volume up unnecessarily.

The Evolving Audio Industry

Mimi Sound Personalization not only enhances the user experience but also offers partners a strategic advantage in an evolving and competitive audio market. Integrating Mimi empowers headphone manufacturers and audio companies to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. By offering a truly unique and personalized listening experience this can drive brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and align with not only the growing wellness needs of consumers, but also the wellness focused future of the audio industry as a whole.

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