Sound Personalization for TV

Enhance your viewing experience and discover a new dimension of customized sound with personalized sound for your TV 

Mimi Sound Personalization for TV

Personalize the sound based on your unique hearing ability

Take a hearing test directly through the Mimi TV-App. After finishing the test and creating a user profile, Mimi Sound Personalization can be easily switched on, and the TV audio will then be optimized based on your hearing.

Mimi Sound Personalization for TV_Hearing Test Results

Quick and easy personalized sound

For quick personalization select your age range directly from the TV settings, restoring details and tuning the audio based on age-induced hearing loss.

Mimi Sound Personalization for TV

Enhance the listening experience when watching with friends and family

Group Mode allows family and friends watching television together to experience their favourite movies and shows with the best possible sound experience for all. 

Mimi Sound Personalization - Mimi for TV - Group Mode

Discover the full potential of TV audio

Enhance your TV audio with Mimi’s easy-to-integrate sound personalization solutions

Have more control over the whole sound experience, not just the volume

Restore lost details and
experience clearer sound

Choose between an age-based profile or personalized hearing test

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