Mimi Hearing Technologies teams up with Panasonic Avionics

At the Airline Passenger Experience Association in Boston, Mimi joined Panasonic Avionics, bringing Mimi’s award-winning sound personalization technology in-flight.

High-quality audio devices are capable of reproducing every detail of a recording. But each person perceives this sound in a unique way – everyone hears differently. What’s more, for the same person, the same song on the same device will sound different, because hearing is individual and changes over time. To compensate for these individual hearing differences, Mimi Hearing Technologies developed Mimi Defined™, an intelligent algorithm that brings you the best, most individualized sound possible.

Mimi is partnering with Panasonic Avionics to introduce this technology in both embedded and streaming entertainment experiences to benefit the overall audio experience in-flight.

To learn more about this innovation and collaboration, follow the link: https://apex.aero/2018/09/25/panasonic-avionics-five-wellness-launch-suite-products