Everyone hears differently. And hearing loss is a growing global problem.

Most of us use headphones and listen to audio devices, to the point that we often exceed what is deemed to be ‘healthy listening’. Due to heavy noise exposure and today’s always-on mentality, our ears barely have time to rest. We use our hearing for listening to music, watching movies, but maybe most importantly, for our social interactions. We would argue hearing is the most social sense. 

Still, as much as it is a given to most of us, it isn’t the case for everyone. According to the WHO, over 466 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss, which is over 6,5% of the world’s population. If we take into account the broader definition of hearing loss, it becomes apparent that this is only a part of the picture. Disabling hearing loss means that a person has hearing loss in both ears, with the better ear having at least 40dB of loss on one of the core frequencies (500, 1000, 2000, 4000Hz). This is classified as moderate hearing loss. A significant proportion of people are also affected by Slight and Mild hearing loss, bringing the proportion of the adult population with some form of hearing loss to 55%*. And this is very much not just an age-related issue, Mimi’s hearing test data, gathered from the test profiles of over 1.5 million people across the globe, shows that hearing loss is prevalent across all age groups.

Mimi is passionate about helping people with hearing loss enjoy better listening experiences. Grounded in hearing science and inspired by biology, the team at Mimi has been developing pioneering hearing technology for the last four years. This year at IFA, Mimi is hosting an invite-only backstage area. Visitors will learn from our hearing PhDs how the latest insights in hearing science are shaping tomorrow’s products. Slots are limited, so to get your hands on one of our exclusive backstage passes.


 More at IFA:

  • Learn from our hearing PhDs sharing the latest insights to hearing science in tomorrow’s products 
  • Experience Mimi in action with our latest showcase integrations 
  • Meet Mimi R&D and hear how Mimi’s new sound processing works and get a peek preview of the ground-breaking science currently in development (hint: one being voice optimization 
  • See how Mimi is easier to integrate than ever with our new SDK and technology partners


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*Extrapolated based on data from Mimi’s hearing test