Greetings from the team at Mimi!

Another year is nearly over, and we’re proud to say it’s been a good one! The successes we’ve had in the past year, mean that 2019 has lots of exciting things in store, and we’re confident the new year will be just as successful as the last!

Looking back – it’s been a good year at Mimi

Mimi Defined™ – disrupting and beyond 

2018 brought a multitude of Mimi Defined™ headphones to the market. From beyerdynamics, the multi-award winning Aventho, and the world-class Amiron. From Bragi, the Dash Pro, for which Mimi Defined™ was user’s most beloved feature. At IFA 2018, Beyerdynamic showcased a whole range of active noise cancellation headphones like the Lagoon, which will launch early next year.

2018 also marked the year we went beyond headphones: Germany’s iconic TV manufacturer Loewe integrated Mimi Defined™ into all of their new models. We also teamed up with Panasonic Avionics, bringing our technology in-flight, and we were selected by the Karajan Institute to demonstrate Mimi technology inside a Volkswagen car in Beijing. All of these achievements motivate us to introduce our sound personalization technology to a whole range of other devices – from smartphones to smart speakers and beyond. 

Building an ecosystem of personalized sound 

With all of these partnerships, and many more to come, including smartphones, headphones, smart speakers and home entertainment, we are one step closer to our vision – to become the standard of science-based sound personalization. By creating this standardized ecosystem of personalized sound, Mimi becomes a lifelong companion for audio clarity and safe listening. With a growing team, and an expanding network of audio experts and scientists from around the world,  ranging from Dolby, world-class research institutions, Silicon Valley veterans, as well as serial entrepreneurs, we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. 

An outlook 

We are excited to start 2019 off at CES. In our perspective, voice commands and hearing become the dominating interface for human-device interaction where sound interaction with technology is becoming more constant, immersive and interactive. Audio clarity and safe listening, personalized to a user’s unique hearing ability will be the key differentiators for any audio enabled device. The future is (h)ear, and personalized sound is the key innovator to catch the mega trend of audio and to be the top frontier in consumer electronics. We not only see sound as the frontier for improved interaction with technology but also a new space for further innovation to address hearing health and experience. As more devices and content reach our ears, more science, technology, and personalization will follow. We imagine a world where sound is tuned to your ears, available in the audio that surrounds us. Much like the way prescription glasses have long since become a lifestyle, audio tailored to how we hear will become the future for every listener. 


Key milestones 2018:

  • Six Beyerdynamic headphones with Mimi Defined™
  • All new Loewe TVs now with Mimi Defined™
  • Mimi as Bragi Dash Pro’s most beloved feature
  • Germany’s digital prevention campaign with BARMER reaching >300.000 people since start in March 2017
  • Mimi x Loewe in a nationwide TV commercial
  • Selected for the German Accelerator Silicon Valley in 2019
  • Global Sales Team setup, with senior representatives now also in Korea/Japan and China/Taiwan

Mimi in the news

We were pleased to see that also media has picked up sound personalization as a major trend in 2018. In December, Forbes wrote  “Mimi Hearing Technologies transforms not only our ability to listen to music, but our ability to hear”. AudioXpress dived into our new product-line with beyerdynamic at IFA, and our MD, Dr. Henrik Matthies, discussed digital health with Germany’s Secretary of Health, Jens Spahn. 

Hear Hear!

As the year comes to an end, we want to encourage you to take an annual hearing test. Available on iOS, Android, and desktop. Happy testing!

Take the hearing test

App reviews

We work very hard to make the best products, that’s why we love user feedback

“As a non-native English speaker, I’ve always thought that I wasn’t good at understanding some words and accents. But after downloading this app everything has changed. I wanna thank the developers..and please make MiMi headphones :)” 

“This is a brilliant way of testing your hearing, download the app find a quiet room and away you go”

“I don’t know how they do it. I don’t even really know what they do. But they make my music sound like some fairy sprinkling stardust into my ears. 10/10 would download again”

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!