Mimi Sound Personalization for TV

This spring the new Mimi TV Hearing Test App was released. With this updated version, users can comfortably test their hearing at home, and enjoy an enhanced TV audio experience.

What are the benefits of Mimi for TV? 

Personalized audio benefits those who have mild to moderate hearing loss, enabling them to have a greater listening experience based on their unique hearing ability. Mimi makes individual sounds easier to distinguish within complex audioscapes. Spoken dialogue in music, films and documentaries is also perceived more easily. Details are all much easier to hear, creating a more immersive and enjoyable experience.  

With Mimi, users are completely in control of the whole sound experience, rather than just controlling the volume. The result is long-lasting, healthier listening on all devices with Mimi. 

How does Mimi Sound Personalization for TV work? 

Enabling Mimi Sound Personalization only takes a few minutes. There are two ways to set up a Mimi Hearing ID on a TV:  

The first option is taking the hearing test directly through the Mimi Sound Personalization TV-App. Users take the Mimi Hearing Test using the audio output of the TV and after finalizing the assessment, Mimi Sound Personalization can easily be switched on. Audio will then be optimized based on the user’s Hearing ID.

The second option is taking the Hearing Test within the Mimi Hearing Test App, and syncing the hearing profile to the TV with a QR code. This enables a seamless sync between the Mimi app and the TV. 

Group Mode: Sound Personalization for multiple people 

Mimi TV Group Mode is a new feature allowing users to create multiple hearing profiles to personalize sound while watching in groups. This enables multiple additional users, for example family members and friends, to experience their favorite movies and shows with the best possible sound according to their personal hearing profile. Mimi TV Group Mode allows you to deliver a healthier listening experience to all of your customers at once.

Visit the Mimi team at IFA 2022 and try Mimi Sound Personalization

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