Mimi releases new TV Hearing Test App with new Group Mode

We are proud to announce the release of the new Mimi TV Hearing Test App! With this new, updated version your users can test their hearing at home on their TV. The Mimi TV App provides exclusive sound personalization based on individual needs and preferences according to the user’s hearing profile and, optionally, year of birth. Allow your customers to adapt audio to their unique hearing needs with just a push of a button. 

Group Mode: Sound Personalization for multiple people

Mimi TV Group Mode is a brand new feature allowing users to create multiple hearing profiles to personalize sound while watching in groups. This enables multiple additional users, for example family members and friends, to experience their favorite movies and shows with the best possible sound according to their personal hearing profile. Mimi TV Group Mode allows you to deliver a healthier listening experience to all of your customers at once.

Controlling sound – not just volume

Personalized audio enables those who have hearing loss to have a better sound experience and give more clarity on sound, based on their individual hearing needs.

With Mimi Sound Personalization on their TV, your users are completely in control of the sound experience, rather than just controlling the volume. Now, a group of people with completely different hearing profiles can finally watch TV together without anyone ever missing anything again.

For users that already have their personal Mimi Hearing ID created, they will still be able to apply sound personalization to their TV by sending their Hearing ID to their device via the Mimi App. 

Mimi TV Hearing Test App enables long-lasting, healthier listening experiences on all your devices with the Mimi Hearing ID. 

Find out more about the new Mimi TV App. Our Sales Team is happy to answer your questions anytime.