Mimi Partner Spotlight: TP Vision Philips

Hearing well is wellbeing – to us at Mimi, this is not just a tagline, but our mission. We believe everyone has the right to hear well. Following this maxim, we want to provide the most personalized and healthiest listening experience to every person using a Mimi-enabled partner device. Our patented technology is designed to fit into all kinds of consumer devices, including headphones, True-Wireless earbuds, smartphones and televisions, and we are collaborating with some of the most renowned and experienced audio equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Mimi x TPV

The partnership was founded in 2020 when TPV brought Mimi Sound Personalization to a new Philips-Porsche Design TV – which was released in China in July 2020.

Since 2021, Philips Android TV’s have been available in European stores equipped with Mimi Sound Personalization technology. And we are excited to announce that this summer, more Mimi-enabled Philips Android TV models have been released in the EU. 

Redefining High Definition: Mimi and Philips

You wouldn’t buy an Ultra HD-TV and then not wear your glasses. So why buy a TV and not optimize the audio to your unique hearing ability? 

Mimi Sound Personalization is the perfect complement to the world class Philips UHD-technology, and this partnership marked a great turning point in the development of Sound Personalization for TV.  Philips TV was the first major pan-european television brand to include Mimi Sound Personalization on its TV sets, and the result is an astonishingly detailed sound that redefines the experience of High Definition Television experience – for both your eyes and your ears.

How Mimi Sound Personalization works 

Experiencing Mimi Sound Personalization on Philips TVs only takes a few minutes.

There are two ways to do the hearing test:

The first option is having the hearing assessment within the TV app. The user can go through the Mimi Hearing Test on the TV speakers, following the instructions. After finalizing the assessment, the user can simply switch on the Sound Personalization.


The second option is users simply send their hearing ID and hearing test data to the TV from the Mimi Hearing Test App with a QR code. This enables a seamless sync between the app and the TV.


Visit Mimi at IFA 2022 and try Mimi for TV

Try Mimi-enabled Philips Android TV’s for yourself at IFA 2022 and experience personalized sound like you’ve never heard it before. Just drop by the Mimi booth and have the chance to hear how Mimi Sound Personalization can enhance the sound experience on different Philips TV model.

Come visit the Mimi team at IFA 2022, Halle 20, Stand 154 at Messe Berlin. Set up a personal or virtual meeting with the team here: https://info.mimi.io/ifa-2022

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