Mimi Partner Spotlight: beyerdynamic

Here at Mimi we believe everyone has the right to hear well, and we are on a mission to democratize access to hearing wellbeing. Our team is constantly striving to take our patented Sound Personalization technology to more integration partners and consumer devices across the globe – to provide the most personalized and healthiest listening experience to all Mimi users.

Mimi & beyerdynamic – an audio match made in heaven

To meet the standards of audiophiles and music aficionados, as well as those of everyday headphone users, we at Mimi team up with the best audio equipment manufacturers worldwide. Our partnership with one of  the most renowned audio brands in Europe, beyerdynamic, has brought Mimi Sound Personalization to multiple devices, and thousands of users across the world. 

beyerdynamic and Mimi Sound Personalization

The story behind beyerdynamic

In 1924, Eugen Beyer founded “Elektrotechnische Fabrik Eugen Beyer” in Berlin. Fascinated by the motion pictures that sprung from the rise of cinema in the early 1920s, he felt it was his mission to complete the moving images with sound. Beyer, who had studied at Technische Universität Berlin, then started manufacturing his own loudspeakers for cinema. During the 1930s, the company began producing headphones, starting with the first set of dynamic headphones, the DT 48 – the prototype of the beyerdynamic DT series that is still produced today. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the company became known as beyerdynamic and relocated to Heilbronn. Here they had to start all over again after the company premises was completely destroyed during World War II. Today, beyerdynamic is one of the leading global consumer electronics companies worldwide.

beyerdynamic x Mimi Sound Personalization

Since becoming a Mimi partner in 2017, the company has released eight Mimi-enabled bluetooth headphones and wireless headphones:

beyerdynamic headphones with Mimi Sound Personalization

How Mimi Sound Personalization works 

beyerdynamic and Mimi Sound Personalization

Enabling Mimi Sound Personalization on beyerdynamic headphones is quick and easy. Users take a two-minute hearing test using the beyerdynamic MIY app. After taking the hearing test, their hearing ID is saved to the device, and they can enjoy audio that is perfectly tailored to their hearing profile. The result: an ultimate sound experience.

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