Mimi at IFA 2022 – Recap

IFA 2022 is over and Mimi Hearing Technologies is looking back on a successful and exciting event.  One of the most important trade fairs in consumer electronics brought us lots of inspiring impressions and encounters.

Highlights from the Mimi booth

We showcased the unique Mimi Sound Personalization technology for any audio device, including our customizable SDK, superior processing technology as well as DSP integration out of the box.

IFA visitors could take part in Guided Tours with the Mimi product experts. Here they could ask questions, try Mimi-enabled  Partner products including headphones, smartphones and TVs, and gain insight into the Mimi technology. 

We had lots of fun with the DSP Concepts team members who joined us at our booth. They were demoing the amazing Audio Weaver development platform including the Mimi Sound Personalization module daily to our visitors.

Besides trying the latest Mimi partner products visitors were also able to test the new Mimi TV Hearing Test App. With the updated version, users can comfortably test their hearing at home, and enjoy an enhanced TV audio experience together with friends and family. Thanks to the new Group Mode feature users can now create multiple hearing profiles. 

The Mimi Web Demo

As Mimi’s mission is to give everyone the best possible hearing experience, we introduced the new Mimi Web Demo, showing how Mimi Sound Personalization works for users with different types of hearing. Taking the demo, visitors were able to discover how Mimi transforms the hearing experience. The difference between “without Mimi” and “with Mimi” shows the simulation of  hearing ability and Mimi restoration effect. Being able to bring the “Mimi effect” of uncovering a more enjoyable and healthy audio experience to so many people personally has been an inspiring experience that made IFA 2022 even more impressive to us.

Billboard “Best of IFA 2022” award

But a definite milestone for the Mimi team at IFA was yet to come: the Mimi Hearing Wellbeing platform won the Billboard “Best of IFA 2022” award for “Best Sound of the Future”. This year, Billboard gave awards to 15 essential and innovative products. Mimi is among the winners that include pioneering virtual reality products and new items that elevate standard technology beyond everyday reality.

Mimi on stage: IFA NEXT Innovation Engine

Closing IFA 2022 with a final highlight, Mimi CEO Philipp Skribanowitz gave a talk on ‘Hearing Wellbeing Breakthrough: Best Sound Personalization & Safe Listening for Consumer Electronics’ that addressed technology that adapts the audio signal to a consumer’s hearing ability, compensating for less than perfect hearing creating a richer and more immersive sound experience. The presentation emphasized  how important it is to engage with and appreciate their hearing. Philipp also shared  insights on why embedding technology into the products and the brands people love offers a huge potential to reach more people and raise awareness for hearing health.

IFA 2022 speech

See you at IFA 2023

The Mimi team would like to thank all the people and partners we enjoyed meeting at this year’s IFA. Hoping to see you all again next time!

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