Mimi’s state-of-the-art personalization software meets beyerdynamic’s world-class audio hardware

Today we are thrilled to announce our partnership with audio legend beyerdynamic, an audio company that stands for the highest sound quality, and a long history of outstanding success. If you’ve ever tried beyerdynamic headphones, you’ll know why professionals and people who care about excellent audio everywhere, trust and love this legendary German brand.

Each year the headphone market gets more crowded. Manufacturers scramble to stand out, offering choosy customers everything from state of the art Bluetooth, to longer battery life, to better drivers, to advanced noise cancellation capability. Without doubt, these features are of high value to the customer. But the differences between them are so small from a technical perspective, that at the end it’s hard for any of these features to stand out and astonish the customer.


Default sound ignores our individual hearing differences and imperfections

In the first place, we all hear differently — and imperfectly. One sound does not fit all. And as we age, or develop other hearing problems, the process of converting vibrations into a signal that our brain can interpret breaks down, meaning less information is transmitted to the brain. So despite the improvements brought by high res, codecs, state of the art drivers – much of the optimization is lost on our imperfect hearing.

The sound personalization that Mimi Hearing Technologies have developed, addresses exactly this problem by learning your hearing profile, replicating the function your inner ear, and optimizing the digital audio signal transmitted to your brain accordingly. All the detail, richness, and contrast of the sound is restored, and all the high end features can finally be appreciated.

The result of our partnership with beyerdynamic is a breakthrough headphone that sounds more immersive and detailed than anything you have ever heard before, because your hearing imperfections are no longer a barrier.


We’re shaping the future of personalized audio

Our partnership with beyerdynamic focused on an updated, wireless and Bluetooth version of their customer’s all-time favorite “Aventho”.

Your hearing is what truly inspired these headphones. Not only does Mimi’s technology personalize the sound to your hearing ability, enabling you to hear more than ever. Even lower volumes – the Make It Your Own app tracks how long and loud you listen, giving you helpful recommendations like when to turn the volume down.


It’s the perfect match between high end headphones and the most advanced personalization technology on the market.

So why did beyerdynamic decide to partner with Mimi? Well in short, it’s because personalized sound is a breathtaking differentiator. Once you’ve tried truly personalized sound by Mimi you’ll never want to listen to default sound again. More than a million users have downloaded Mimi’s apps worldwide and our technology is as a medical product (CE), and validated by Europe’s largest university clinic Charité. We apply the latest insights from the hearing science research, paired with our deep understanding of the biophysical processes in the hearing organ.  All of this information enables our unique processing to adapt the sound to your hearing ability in a way that sounds as though you’re wearing prescription glasses for your ears.

That’s why we are convinced that the feature of audio is personalized. Mimi started by releasing our breakthrough technology via our awarding winning apps, and establishing the #1 hearing test app worldwide. Not only thousands of Mimi users, but an increasing amount of partners asked for further integration in more products. Now, finally Mimi’s technology is available as an SDK for software partners, and on a chip for hardware partners.

And headphones and streaming services are just the beginning. At Mimi, our vision is to enable personalized audio on as many devices as possible, be it headphones, your streaming service, your car or smartphone. You’ll be hearing from more partners releasing their products with our technology soon.


Right now, we are incredibly proud to work with beyerdynamic to introduce Aventho—a headphone that captures, with astonishing precision, the sound of what’s to come.