My internship experience at a Berlin Startup

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you were introduced to Mimi?

My name is Michaël Dooley and I’m an undergraduate student at Stanford University with an interest in design and media. I learned about Mimi through a connection who knew someone working there. I then checked out the website and became really interested in the company’s mission.

Michaël Dooley – Intern at Mimi Hearing Technologies

Do you have a personal connection to audio or hearing loss?

Personally, I’ve had many MRIs since I was quite young, and I was always worried that my hearing was impacted due to the loud noises and lack of hearing protection during some of them. And because I’ve spent a lot of time around accessible technology for the visually impaired, I realized early on how important adaptive technologies are in general, to ensure that everyone gets the best experience possible, no matter their background.

What did your internship entail at Mimi?

I worked on a few different projects throughout my internship. The main one was to design the UI for a Mimi demo experience. It was super exciting. I got to collaborate with the wonderful design team to explore user flows, review my designs, and then do user-testing sessions. I even coded a high-fidelity prototype to help us get more insights before the team built out the final product for Mimi’s IFA demo. Ultimately, we hope the demo can be integrated into the main website for everyone to try!

Mimi Demo

My other projects were some fun brand and partner-focused videos. I wrote copy, recorded voiceover, produced music (so it’s copyright free), and created visuals for these videos. People seemed to really appreciate the video work I was doing.

How was it for you as an intern at Mimi? Were there any ups and downs?

I had a great time. I think preparing the demo was quite fun, videos included, and I was proud of what we put together. There were a few stressful, last-minute changes that needed to be made on some of the other video projects. But it all ended up being worth it to meet deadlines.

What were some highlights and challenges during your internship? 

A huge personal challenge was when I lost my wallet in late July. It was super overwhelming and I wasn’t sure what to do; to this day it hasn’t been found. Luckily, my incredibly kind colleagues helped me navigate through that rough patch until I could get a replacement debit card.

The highlight was definitely getting to see Mimi’s booth at IFA, and seeing that we won an award. I’m absolutely amazed at everyone’s work and how it all came together. It is also gratifying to have that collective effort recognized through the award.

What did you learn from your time working at Mimi?

Always check the “final” file… There were a few times when I uploaded the latest file without fully checking it, and there were audio problems. In the end that ends up costing more time/effort to replace it down the line, rather than checking it quickly and delaying the delivery slightly.

What are the next steps in your career journey? 

I’m returning to California to resume my studies and I am excited to continue my video and design work on a freelance basis with Mimi while I complete my studies!