XELENTO Wireless: Audible jewellery to make audiophile hearts beat faster

The audio experts from Heilbronn have done it again. beyerdynamic has launched the 2nd generation of XELENTO in-ear headphones with Mimi Sound Personalization. XELENTO Wireless is the ninth pair of beyerdynamic headphones featuring Mimi. Once again the pioneering audio brand has uniquely succeeded in integrating the highest performance and sound quality into a graceful and elegant in-ear design. Handcrafted with the highest precision, XELENTO Wireless offers a first-class high resolution sound driven by beyerdynamic’s own Tesla technology. The MIY app with MOSAYC – Attention to detail with Mimi Sound Personalization also enables personalized sound and further customization for individual preferences. 

Incomparable sound meets noble design 

The beyerdynamic XELENTO is manufactured with the highest level of quality directly at the company’s headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany. beyerdynamic’s own Tesla technology is integrated into XELENTO headphones in its smallest form factor to date; The Tesla.11 driver ensures an exceptional level of detail, unparalleled spatiality and depth of sound that will truly delight music lovers.

The eleven-millimetre, dynamic one-way driver combines beyerdynamic’s acoustic expertise, engineering, and craftsmanship into a brilliant technical masterpiece. A special new acoustic filter provides even more fine detail and lightness in the high-frequency range. Paired with perfectly matched mids, highs and bass, the sound quality is raised to a new level.

beyerdynamic XELENTO Wireless featuring Mimi Sound Personalization

Experience optimized sound with beyerdynamic and Mimi

Mimi Hearing Technologies, the global leader in hearing wellbeing, and beyerdynamic, the pioneering audio experts from Heilbronn, founded their partnership in 2017. Since then, beyerdynamic has brought innovative headphones to the market choosing to integrate Mimi Sound Personalization technology for a customizable audio experience. The result is audio that is more immersive and detailed than anything you have ever heard before. 

Learn more about Mimi Sound Personalization and beyerdynamic: https://www.beyerdynamic.de/mosayc

Experience Mimi’s personalized sound tailored to your unique hearing for yourself with Mimi-enabled beyerdynamic headphones: https://www.beyerdynamic.de/kopfhorer-headsets.html?features=1274&cid=as_rec_klangpersonalisierung