Do you know what your ears need?

Ears are not perfect. As with every part of your body, your hearing gets worse over time. Yet today’s music isn’t optimized for you and your hearing. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to enjoy music to its full potential. We’ve spent the last years testing half a million ears. Our medically certified (CE) hearing test and music apps help us understand the way you hear — like no other company before. This data helps us to form your earprint. It’s your own key to personalized sound.

Experience music with more clarity and sparkle. Everywhere.

The science behind Mimi brings you more clarity and sparkle for your ears. test your ears and experience personalized sound today on your iPhone or your Android. We’re aiming for Mimi to be available everywhere soon. Your TV, your laptop, your hearable,  or your car. Wherever there is sound, Mimi shall be there. If you’re interested in knowing more about how to integrate Mimi with the audio or music service you use, click here.

Mimi, the best
possible hearing
Today and in 20

And this is how you can use it today


Mimi Music allows me to hear more insight to the intent of female singers and brings me closer to the original intent of the music. I am an audiophile and constantly seek ways to embrace the live sound of music. Mimi Music gives me more insight into my music by compensating for high frequencies.I listen to Mimi Music everyday. It allows me to experience the live sound of music.

Shyamantu Banerjee
I listen to music more than 5 hours everyday. Music follows me on the train, at work, in the gym- it is everywhere.Since I listen to music so much, I was worried about my hearing. The Mimi Hearing Test allowed me to test my hearing in an comprehendible and accessible manner. The Test produced trustworthy results which reassured me my hearing ability was okay. When listening to reggae and hip-hop, Mimi Music allows me to hear beats I have not heard before. Songs through Mimi Music sound clearer to me than ever before.
Andras Toth

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