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Adapt audio to your unique hearing ability and restore missing details, make music richer by adjusting frequencies, and hear every word without needing to turn the volume up.

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Easy to integrate Sound Personalization

Mimi is easy to integrate into your product portfolio. By combining hearing-based algorithms with a flexible SDK solution for your companion app, we elevate sound experiences for your users.


Control speech level independent of the background sound effects and follow dialogue with ease. Mimi for TV provides a rich and immersive sound experience at a lower volume.


With Mimi for headphones, audio is richer and more involved. Instruments become more distinguishable, and dialogue clearer, for a better and more enjoyable sound experience.


When listening with a speaker at a BBQ, party, or in the park, frequencies all around us mask the details in music and other audio content. With Mimi, these details can be brought back.

Technology that fits into any audio product


Hearing assessment based on advanced audiology research.


Customized presets based on the user’s unique hearing profile.


Mimics the way a healthy human ear processes sound.
Our passionate team of scientists, engineers and researchers are developing a platform of pioneering technology and features that can upgrade any audio product to deliver a holistic approach to hearing health, aligned with its users’ growing wellbeing needs.

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Mimi integrates value beyond audio quality into our partner’s products – from branding, packaging, go to market, integration and elevating user’s listening experiences.

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