True Wireless meets Mimi Sound Personalization

September 21, 2020, Berlin: Mimi Hearing Technologies, the world’s leading provider of digital hearing tests and hearing-ability-based sound personalization, have announced the launch today of Mimi Sound Personalization in the new X by Kygo Xellence True Wireless Earphones.

First announced at CES 2020, the partnership will bring the Mimi experience to X by Kygo user’s in the brand’s first True Wireless headphone release. 

Mimi’s Sound Personalization technology works by assessing the listener’s hearing ability in minutes with the Mimi Hearing Test. After the test, and creating a Mimi Hearing ID in the X by Kygo App, the patented audio processing automatically adapts all audio in real-time. Once completed, the listener’s Hearing ID is stored in the headphones, adjusting the sound to the user’s unique hearing profile wherever they listen. As a result, more sounds become audible again, and details otherwise lost are restored, creating a more immersive music experience.

“Music is all in the details and we spend hours and hours to perfect it. With headphones not uniquely tuned to your hearing ability, details can be lost. Together with the Kygo Sound team, we have worked hard to make X by Kygo deliver on our mission to offer superior music experiences to everyone by designing products that produce exceptional sound. With Mimi Sound Personalization, we can continue to perfect this mission for our users and bring innovation to the already premium headphones”, said Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll/DJ Kygo.

“We are happy to announce this product launch, bringing our award-winning sound personalization to X by Kygo users. It is great to work with a brand that originates from the artist themselves, embracing the latest technology, with a focus on perfecting details in the sound.

Achieving perfect sound quality is difficult though when ‘perfect’ can vary so greatly from person to person. Mimi bridges the gap between hearing and audio, ensuring the listener gets the most personalized sound experience, tailored to their hearing. X by Kygo embraces the latest technology and focuses on perfecting details, this is an exciting release”, said Philipp Skribanowitz, CEO & Co-Founder of Mimi Hearing Technologies.


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