Mimi’s latest partnership with TPV brings Mimi Sound Personalization to a new Philips-Porsche Design TV

Mimi Hearing Technologies is excited to announce its latest television partnership with TPV. Bringing award-winning Mimi Sound Personalization technology to televisions in Mainland China, with the launch of the new Philips-Porsche Design 70PD9000.

The launch event of the 70PD9000, held on July 18 2020, showcased the TVs latest offering of next-generation innovative features, including Mimi Sound Personalization. Going beyond the standard television viewing experience, Mimi Sound Personalization allows users to personalize their TV audio to their unique hearing profile by taking a short Hearing Test and creating a Hearing ID profile. This can then be easily synced to the television via QR code. The result is an optimized, personalized and more enjoyable television experience.

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership with TPV, a company with a reputation for delivering cutting-edge innovation to their customers. We are looking forward to bringing our award-winning Mimi Sound Personalization technology to users in the new 70PD9000 TV, to provide a truly unique TV sound experience,” said Philipp Skribanowitz, CEO & Co-Founder of Mimi Hearing Technologies.

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