Philipp Skribanowitz speaks to rbb 88.8 about Sound Personalization and “Bestes Hören”

On Sunday November 1 2020, Mimi Hearing Technologies CEO, Philipp Skribanowitz, spoke with rbb 88.8, the public service broadcaster of Berlin and Brandenburg, to chat about Mimi’s partnership and the new “Bestes Hören” feature in the rbb 88.8 app. 

The Mimi  “Bestes Hören” feature is exclusively available on the rbb 88.8 streaming radio app service, which allows users to stream the radio show live from their personal device. The app now gives users the choice to enter their year of birth for an age based hearing profile, or take a Mimi hearing test, create a Hearing ID, and then have the ability to personalize the sound experience to their unique hearing ability. 

You can listen to the interview (in German) with Philipp here:

If you want to experience Mimi Sound Personalization with rbb 88.8, download the app for free and enable “Bestes Hören”:

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