New collaboration with rbb brings Mimi Sound Personalization to radio app

Mimi Hearing Technologies has announced its latest collaboration with rbb, the public service broadcaster of Berlin and Brandenburg,  with the launch of the new “Bestes Hören” feature, now available for listeners on the rbb 88.8 streaming app service. 

rbb is the public service broadcaster of Berlin and Brandenburg, with rbb 88.8 currently the most listened to program in Berlin*. 


The app allows users to stream the radio show live from their personal device, anytime and anywhere, now with the option to personalize the sound experience. Users can personalize their sound by taking a short hearing test, or entering their year of birth for an age based hearing profile. Users can also sign in to their existing Mimi profile to link their current hearing profile to the app.

“We are very excited about our collaboration with rbb and to have the opportunity to bring our award-winning technology to users through the new “Bestes Hören” feature in the rbb 88.8 app. It is great to work with an organization also based in Berlin, that is embracing the latest innovative technology, and that is focusing on providing listeners with the best and most personalized sound experience”, said Philipp Skribanowitz, CEO & Founder of Mimi Hearing Technologies. “Bestes Hören” can be activated via the free rbb 88.8 app. 

Download the app today:

This partnership continues Mimi’s expansion into a variety of consumer products, giving users the opportunity to now experience Mimi Sound Personalization in headphones, televisions and radio apps. Read more about our other partnership news here.

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Media Contact
Alison Esposti
Head of Marketing
Mimi Hearing Technologies


*according to rbb current radio survey