Mimi Health Hearing Test ready to be integrated into partner products via a new SDK

Mimi has launched a new SDK (Software Development Kit) which enables the Mimi Health Hearing Test to be easily integrated into partner products. The Mimi Health Hearing Test offers users personalized insights into their individual hearing ability and thus learn more about their hearing. 

By packaging the Mimi Health Hearing Test into an SDK, partners are able to easily integrate a medical hearing test without complexity of the certification process, as well as having a choice of customizable themes to cater for branding requirements.

The Mimi Health Hearing Test

  • Easily integrated via a Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Customisable UI with flexible & adaptable theming
  • Simple & intuitive self-guided test experience
  • Native SDK for iOS and Android
  • Innovative Masked Threshold hearing test
  • Gold-standard Pure Tone Threshold testing methodology
  • CE marked Class 1 medical device under MDD

To find out more about how you can integrate the Mimi Health Hearing Test into your app, contact our Mimi Health Team or visit the Mimi Health website.