Everlisten Launch New App with Mimi Health Hearing Test

Everlisten has launched their first app, the result of an integration using Mimi Health’s new medical device. The app is the first Mimi Health partner integration, since the launch of the Mimi Health Hearing Test

Everlisten was founded in March 2020, by Markus Jausovec and Alexander Petschar, with a mission to promote hearing health and awareness to younger adults. They encourage users to think about their hearing health and current hearing ability, and to break the stigma around hearing impairment in younger demographics. A smartphone, a pair of headphones, a quiet place and a few minutes to take the hearing test in the Everlisten app, is all users need to gain insights about their hearing.

“We are very excited for the launch of the new Everlisten app. The Mimi Health Hearing Test is the perfect tool for remote hearing testing needs and provides a quick and easy way for Everlisten users to test and monitor their hearing health,” says Mimi Health General Manager Tim von Klitzing.

In addition to the test, the app also provides valuable content on the subject of hearing health, including tips and tricks on how to protect your hearing from a younger age. For those with mild or severe hearing loss, Everlisten supports users  in finding and contacting an audiologist. 

The Everlisten app is now available for download on iOS and Android devices