Mimi at IFA 2023

The future of hearing technology was on full display at IFA 2023, with Mimi taking center stage. We spent the week showcasing our latest innovations and partnerships that promise to revolutionize the way we all experience sound.

Mimi Web Demo: A Glimpse into Personalized Audio

Attendees had the opportunity to experience firsthand the power of personalized audio through Mimi’s web-based demo. This interactive experience allowed visitors to discover how Mimi Sound Personalization transforms the audio experience and adapts the sound to each person’s hearing ability by switching between multiple hearing profiles and playing with the different content types.  

The Mimi Web Demo left attendees impressed and eager to explore the possibilities of personalized audio further. Many recognized the potential for this technology to improve not only entertainment experiences but also communication, accessibility, and overall quality of life for individuals with hearing impairments. Try the Mimi demo here. 


The team was proud to start demoing our latest product, Mimi Transparency+, which can be integrated into TWS Earbuds. The feature offers personalized audio processing that focuses on in-person conversation enhancement. With Transparency + you can enjoy busy places again, without the worry that you will miss the discussion.

Mimi for TV: AI Voice Enhancement

We also unveiled  our latest television offering: AI Voice Enhancement. Attendees at the event were among the first to experience the transformative power of this cutting-edge technology. Specifically designed for Smart TVs, this feature allows the user to control the level of background music and sound effects, to increase dialogue understanding. By increasing dialogue intelligibility Mimi ensures you catch every spoken word when watching TV content.

Mimi Sound Personalization Chrome Extension

The Mimi team has taken the power of our patented testing, fitting, and audio processing technology and packed it into a sleek easy-to-use browser extension. Visitors to the Mimi IFA booth were  able to try out this Sound Personalization Chrome Extension, experiencing firsthand the power of customized audio in their web browsing activities.  Find out more about the extension and download here.

Partner Devices: Exploring Mimi-enabled headphones and TV's

We showcased a range of our partnerships with leading device manufacturers including Skullcandy, Teufel, boAt, Nothing, Cleer Audio, beyerdynamic, x by Kygo, Philips TV, Loewe.  

The Mimi booth featured an array of Mimi-enabled partner devices, from headphones to televisions – highlighting the versatility and integration capabilities of Mimi’s technology. Visitors had the chance to experience these devices firsthand and witness how they seamlessly incorporated Mimi’s personalized audio technology. These partnerships ensure that the benefits of personalized sound will be accessible across a wide range of consumer electronics, catering to various preferences and needs.

Mimi for Speakers

Our commitment to further Mimi’s ecosystem offering took center stage at IFA, with the first demo of the Mimi for Speakers solution, which was showcased using the Teufel BOOMSTER speaker. Mimi is bringing back the details and providing a full and rich sound experience for listeners using bluetooth speakers. Watch this space!

A big thank you to everyone who visited our booth – it was wonderful connecting with each and every one of you. 

See you next year!