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Setting up Mimi for Chrome

Step 1


Open Chrome Web Store and add Mimi extension to your browser. Pin it for quick access.

Step 2


Select one of the Mimi Sound Profiles based on your age to turn on personalization.

Step 3


Try all the Mimi Sound Profiles and pick the setting that suits you best.

Technology behind

Our extension is designed to make sound more personal by adjusting settings based on your hearing ability. 

Using the Mimi database, containing over 2 million hearing profiles, we are able to currently offer presets for three different age groups. These age based presets improve the audio experience for most listeners.

Mimi’s processing technology mimics the way a healthy human ear processes sound. 

It conducts various nonlinear transforms on a signal. These do not resemble conventional audio signal processing techniques, used for example in a recording studio. 

Through the artificial application of these techniques, Mimi’s processing creates a representation of a signal that, once processed by the listener’s ear, contains more relevant information for the brain to make sense of.



While we are working on expanding the number of supported sites, you can already experience the full benefits of personalized content on Youtube, Vimeo, Tidal and SoundCloud.

Current age based presets will not provide the full Mimi experience available in our partner products. We will add a possibility to login with your Mimi Hearing profile in the next versions.

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