How we hear, in everything we listen to








“Mimi is bringing biology into audio experiences everywhere, to optimize listening to users’ hearing”.

With our team of in-house hearing scientists, we have developed biologically-inspired and proprietary audio processing that adapts to user’s hearing in order to optimize their listening experience. Developed through continuous hearing research and informed by over 1.5 million digital hearing tests, Mimi has curated humanity’s hearing profile into its product innovations and is bringing that to global users with our growing partnerships. Mimi is expanding the focus on — and function of — hearing, through smart technologies.
This year at IFA, we’re hosting a deep dive into Mimi’s hearing insights and audio innovations backstage at IFA Next. Register to join us for a private look into our integration solutions on Mimi’s own tour bus location.

Here you will:

  • Experience Mimi in action with our latest showcase integrations
  • See how hearing science is being built into our products with in-house PhDs in audio and audiology.
  • Meet Mimi R&D and get a sneak preview into the ground-breaking innovations currently in development to tackle the rising challenges of hearing UX in entertainment and interaction
  • See how Mimi is easier to integrate than ever with our new SDK and technology partners


On behalf of the Mimi partner team, we hope you will join us.

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot with us.

Ian Ritchey
Partner Lead at Mimi