From a ‘one sound fits all-world’ to a tailored listening experience

Billions are spent every year on creating the perfect sound. From great artists playing the best instruments, to the most renowned recording & mastering studios to lossless file formats and expensive devices, all aimed at delivering the best audio experience, yet there is something missing. The last inch of the audio chain is not being taken into consideration: our hearing ability and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Achieving perfect sound quality is difficult when ‘perfect’ can vary so greatly from person to person. Enter, Mimi. At Mimi we take a scientific approach to overcoming this problem; bridging the gap between hearing and audio. Using biology to create a tailored audio experience to the user’s unique hearing ability. If a hearing aid is a pair of glasses for your ears, then Mimi is a screen displaying an image that contains your prescription.

Mimi can be integrated into any device that produces audio

Integrating Mimi allows any device with an audio output; headphones, smartphones, TVs, smart speakers, to optimize the listening experience for an individual’s unique hearing. Thanks to our advanced hearing testing technology, within less than 2 minutes Mimi can get an accurate picture of your hearing, which Mimi use to create your Hearing ID. This unique profile is then used to inform our audio processing, ensuring that your audio is optimized for your hearing, wherever you listen.

Mimi brings hearing science to audio and redefines the meaning of listening

With a database of over 1.5 million hearing profiles, the largest collection of hearing test data in the world, Mimi is an authority on how the world hears. This data has been used to refine Mimi’s technology, which was born out of a fascination with the human ear. Mimi’s processing technology is unique and replicates the processes that naturally occur in the human ear, ensuring audio signals are transmitted in the best possible way to the brain.  By replicating the biology of the ear, Mimi are able to tailor the listening experience. 

At Mimi our mission is a world where hearing is no longer a barrier to connect to others and to enjoy life. Mimi is on its way to achieving this by working with the most innovative partners to integrate our award-winning listening technology into the audio sources we use every day. Together pioneering a radical shift away from a ‘one sound fits all-world’ to a tailored world, where audio optimized for an individual’s hearing is as natural as wearing glasses.

Join Mimi Backstage for an Exclusive Demonstration at IFA 2019

At Mimi, we have created the world’s largest database of digital hearing profiles and insights into the world’s hearing trends. We know how the world hears and because we all hear differently Mimi’s team of in-house hearing scientists developed its biologically-inspired and proprietary audio processing technology, that knows how well a user hears in order to optimize their listening experience.

You are invited to join Mimi for an exclusive backstage experience, which will take place at IFA in a luxury tour bus. 

Here you will:

  • Learn from our hearing scientists about why hearing loss is a growing issue
  • Experience Mimi in action with our latest showcase integrations 
  • Meet Mimi R&D and hear how Mimi’s new sound processing works and about some of the ground-breaking science currently in development
  • See how Mimi is easier to integrate than ever with our new SDK and growing list of technology partners

We hope you will be able to join us. Numbers are extremely limited, so please book in advance to secure your spot. To book click here and select a time slot that suits you.

Please check-in at IFA Next: Hall 26, Stand 110, and you will be accompanied backstage.

We look forward to welcoming you backstage at IFA.

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