Mimi Teams Up With Cadence Tensilica HiFi DSP Family

Berlin, Germany, August 4, 2019 – Mimi Hearing Technologies today announced that its Mimi sound personalization technology will be available on the Cadence® Tensilica® HiFi digital signal processing (DSP) family for audio and voice, this fall. Through the Mimi Hearing Technologies and Cadence collaboration, users have access to a personalized listening experience that’s customizable based on a listener’s unique hearing profile. 

Developed by Mimi’s in-house team of hearing scientists, and refined through analysis of its database of over 1.5 million individual hearing profiles, Mimi’s proprietary Mimi Defined sound processing adapts to how users of any age or hearing ability experience sound by controlling loud tones and lifting quiet details. 

“With the rise of personal voice assistants pushing us ever closer to a “voice-first” approach to how we interface with technology, the concept of personalized sound has never been more important. This collaboration enables Cadence Tensilica HiFi DSP system on chip (SoC) and OEM customers to integrate Mimi Hearing Technology to adapt audio outputs to the listener’s unique hearing profile, providing users with a tailored audio experience. It will also help to establish Mimi Hearing Technologies as the global standard for personalized sound,” says Philipp Skribanowitz, CEO and Founder, Mimi Hearing Technologies. 

“Producing perfect sound quality is difficult when ‘perfect’ can vary greatly from person to person, which is why Mimi’s approach to optimizing the last inch of the audio chain—one’s hearing, regardless of the listener’s device, age or hearing ability—makes it a great addition to the audio software supported by the Tensilica HiFi DSP family. We expect many of our semiconductor and OEM customers will be interested in incorporating Mimi’s sound personalization technology into their platforms as we continue to push the boundaries of what audio interfaces can do,” says Larry Przywara, group director of audio/voice IP marketing, Cadence. 

This latest collaboration builds on a sustained period of growth for Mimi Hearing Technologies following its acquisition of the IP assets of three sound personalization companies: 3D Sound Labs, Symphonic and SolidSound. It also greatly expanded its patent portfolio in the last two years with over 50 filed and granted applications, many of which focus on head-related transfer technology, and how it can affect the way that listeners’ ears receive sounds.