Mimi and Bragi – Transforming the Future of Audio

In the fast-paced world of audio technology, collaborations have become a driving force behind groundbreaking innovations. This year, Mimi and Bragi reach a milestone of 7 years of partnership. Together, we have been making advancements in the field of hearing, redefining the way we perceive sound, and amplifying the listening experience in consumer audio devices. 

Powerhouses of Innovation

Mimi is dedicated to revolutionizing the audio industry by personalizing sound experiences and democratizing access to digital hearing health products. Our cutting-edge technology tests and analyzes the unique characteristics of your hearing ability and tailors sound according to your hearing profile. This ensures that everyone can enjoy audio content in the most immersive and natural way possible – bringing back the details without needing to turn up the volume. 

Bragi, a Munich-based trailblazer in the world of hearable devices, has been at the forefront of developing innovative smart earbuds that deliver exceptional audio quality and a range of intelligent features. Their products are designed to seamlessly integrate with a user’s lifestyle, offering an unparalleled audio experience.

A Dynamic Partnership

The partnership between Mimi and Bragi began in 2016 when we joined forces to explore new horizons in personalized sound. Mimi’s expertise in sound personalization perfectly complemented Bragi’s proficiency in creating sophisticated hearable devices. Together, we aimed to tackle a critical challenge in the audio industry: addressing individual hearing differences and moving away from a ‘one-sound-fits-all’ solution.

One of the first achievements of this partnership was the integration of Mimi’s Sound Personalization technology into Bragi’s flagship product, “The Dash Pro.” This smart earbud became a game-changer in the market, adapting sound output to the unique hearing profiles of users and delivering a tailor-made listening experience like never before.

Bragi has now launched their latest experience platform, Bragi 5, featuring a host of excellent features, with the goal to provide their partner’s users with unique and exciting experiences, along with a state-of-the-art companion app. Bragi’s partners can also seamlessly integrate Mimi’s personal sound technology as a 3rd party service integration in Bragi 5, enabling more headphone manufacturers the chance to integrate Mimi Sound Personalization and reach more users.

Global Recognition and Future Prospects

Over the past seven years, Mimi and Bragi have both garnered widespread recognition for our innovative contributions to the audio industry and as leaders in the field of personalized audio solutions.

Join Mimi and Bragi at IFA 2023

Both teams  will be attending IFA from 1 – 5 September.

Find Mimi at Messe Berlin: Hall 27, Booth Number 746.

Find Bragi at Messe Berlin: Hall 1.2, Booth Number 120. 

Book a meeting with the Mimi team: https://mimi.io/mimi-at-ifa-2023