Mimi Defined™ inside The Dash Pro from Bragi enables you to hear every detail.

The latest update to The Dash series from Bragi has arrived, and it integrates a personalized audio experience developed by Mimi Hearing Technologies. With it’s patented algorithm, Mimi Defined™ optimizes any audio source to fit the user’s hearing profile and restores full detail and clarity of their hearing experience.

Mimi Defined™ uses technology based on cutting-edge hearing science to assess a person’s hearing ability with an onboard six-minute hearing test. The results are used to create a personal hearing profile, which is then embedded into the Bragi app. In turn, this audio processing technology enables sounds played through Bragi devices, or on devices connected to them, to be dynamically adjusted to compliment the users individual hearing ability. Consequently, both music and audio input are heard with more clarity and detail than ever before. Users can now enjoy sound personalization whether they are track-running, cycling, swimming or just casually listening to their favorite music.

With this partnership, Mimi’s sound personalization technology has been integrated into Bragi’s Truly Wireless Earphones for the first time and represents a segment of the global market of wireless earphones that has been forecast to show considerable growth. Personalized sound is just one of the features that allow the user to interact with the device on a never before seen elevated level. An increased demand for these advanced technologies and product innovations, particularly for wireless earphones, is driven by seamless integrations, and new user-centric features – all of which are being led by both Bragi and Mimi.

Moreover, the partnership is a clear indicator of what’s to come. Mimi Hearing Technologies is driving innovation into new categories of consumer electronics, and more exciting news about partnerships and integrations are to be revealed at this years IFA – where the world’s leading brands of consumer electronics and home appliances will be exhibiting.

Thanks to Mimi Defined™, a revitalization of the hearing experience is finally here. Users can now experience every detail of a recording, and sound feels clearer and warmer. By joining forces with innovative partners like Bragi, it’s now easier than ever for consumers to get their hands on this transformative technology.