Make the most of your headphones with Mimi Sound Personalization

Whether you are a musician, sound engineer, producer or simply an audiophile looking for the best possible way to enjoy your favorite music – finding a pair of headphones that really meet your standards can become a lifelong quest. 


Everyone hears differently

Every ear is unique – outside and inside. As a result, we all hear differently. Our individual hearing patterns can also vary with age, conditions or just the way we were born. Of course, personal listening habits or specific musical interests play a role, too. For example, if you are a drummer, you might not understand how anyone could not notice those ghost notes in “Scar Tissue” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but you might miss the crucial guitar licks that seem to be the best part of it for your guitar playing friend.


Mimi provides the best sound personalization technology for your headphones

To address these specific requirements of your individual hearing, Mimi offers easy to  integrate sound personalization technology for your headphones.

Mimi’s Sound Personalization works by assessing your hearing ability with the Mimi Hearing Test. Within minutes, your individual Hearing ID is generated from your test results. Your Hearing ID is stored in your headphones, adjusting the sound to your unique hearing profile in real-time. This enables you to experience the full range of frequencies and details of sound, also the frequencies you might have missed before becoming audible again. 

Using Mimi Sound Personalization not only provides you with a more immersive sound experience, it also helps to protect your hearing by adjusting frequencies according to your hearing profile, so you can lower the volume without missing any of the details. Especially when it comes to audio being your profession and passion, it is essential to do what you can to prevent hearing damage or hearing loss.

If you want to take care of your hearing wellbeing  and enhance your listening experience at the same time, try Mimi Sound Personalization. We have put together the latest selection of headphones with Mimi Sound Personalization here for you.


The best headphones with Sound Personalization by Mimi

Skullcandy’s Grind Fuel Earbuds offer premium features like Skull-iQ Smart Feature Technology that allows hands-free voice control, meaning you can play, pause, skip, control volume, answer calls or even trigger your phone camera without touching your device. Of course, these earbuds feature Personal Sound by Mimi, for a customizable audio experience.


beyerdynamic offers different models with integrated sound personalization, for example the Blue Byrd Bluetooth in-ear headset. Apart from being exceptionally comfortable due to the unique earbud design, it features high-performing Beyerdynamic sound and superior microphone with Qualcomm cVc™ and sidetone feature for impressive speech intelligibility.

The elegant Amiron Wireless Copper is a closed pair of high-end Bluetooth Tesla headphones that comes with Mimi Sound Personalization for an individual listening experience. All beyerdynamic headphones with integrated sound personalization work in combination with the MIY App.

Xellence true wireless noise canceling earphones by Kygo are made for daily use or for traveling and offer a high quality sound wherever you are. Using the X App by Kygo to adjust the noise-canceling modes in combination with Mimi Sound Personalization will give you a mind-blowing listening experience.

Another true wireless earbud is Ally Plus II by Cleer. These deliver industry leading noise cancellation combined with a strong wireless connectivity and enhanced call-quality with dual-microphones that make them a perfect companion for on-the-go lifestyles. Both noise cancellation and sound performance can be customized with these earbuds.


Curious about how Mimi can enhance your personal listening? Experience Mimi Sound Personalization with our headphone partners and explore the possibilities of your hearing!