Experience Mimi Sound Personalization with our world-class partners

Experience Mimi Sound Personalization with our partner's devices

We all hear differently. So why isn’t sound tuned to our unique hearing? To offer you the best possible audio experience tailored to your individual hearing ability, we developed our patented Mimi Sound Personalization technology and have partnered with some of the most renowned audio businesses across the globe.

What is Sound Personalization?

Mimi Sound Personalization is a unique processing technology that replicates the way the human ear works. It adapts the audio signal to your hearing ability, compensating for less than perfect hearing. 

After performing a digital hearing test, you can activate customized sound based on your unique hearing profile. The result is a clearer, crisper sound, and a fully immersive audio experience without needing to turn the volume up. Read more about Sound Personalization 

Discover Mimi with our world-class partners’ devices

We want to provide a better and healthier listening experience for everyone, and are collaborating with some of the most renowned and experienced audio equipment manufacturers worldwide. Our partnerships with beyerdynamic, Skullcandy, TP Vision – Philips, Loewe, Cleer Audio, X by Kygo and Compaq enable you to enjoy Mimi on headphones, true-wireless earbuds, and televisions. 

Three easy steps to experience sound tailored to your unique hearing:

  1. Check out the full list of Mimi-enabled partner devices and purchase one for yourself.
  2. Take a Mimi Hearing Test with your headphone’s companion app, or on the Mimi TV application. 
  3. Enjoy audio optimized based on your hearing ability and preferences. Your Hearing = Your Sound.