Sound Personalization – it’s all about you

Every ear is unique and our hearing changes over time. Hearing ability varies with age, health conditions or congenital factors, and is also influenced by listening behavior. Based on 2.5 million+ hearing tests conducted with the Mimi Hearing Test App we also know hearing loss is increasing globally in all age groups.

We use glasses to see objects clearer, near or far, so why don’t we use technology that can do the same for our hearing? Billions are currently spent on audio optimization technologies, while the last inch of the audio chain is forgotten – our unique hearing. Sound Personalization is the key to address this issue.

What is Sound Personalization?

When you use regular listening devices, most likely, they will not meet the requirements of your individual hearing abilities. This is where Sound Personalization steps in. The goal of it is to overcome the one-size-fits-all agenda when it comes to different audio devices. Sound Personalization also means that the audio you listen to is optimized in a way that is suitable and beneficial to you. At Mimi we see two main aspects feeding into this…

How does Sound Personalization work?

The first aspect is your hearing ability, which might be impaired in certain frequency regions. This means that signals in these regions are not perceived as well as in the case of normal hearing. You have to focus much more to hear the details, while some components are simply lost. Addressing this first aspect and personalizing the sound to your hearing ability means that the audio is processed in such a way which allows you to regain those lost details. We call this the restoration approach.

The second aspect is your very subjective perception of the sound. Different levels of hearing impairment in theory require proportional intensities of sound processing. Our research proves that one restoration approach does not fit all. To truly personalize sound we developed our fine-tuning feature, which is a way to further customize your sound to suit your preferences.

What does Mimi sonically do?

The default “Recommended” option is  the most accurate and best fit to your individual hearing profile. As audio and music are by nature subjective, Mimi gives you more control over your sound. In addition to the options “Richer”, “Softer”and/or “Intensity Slider”, you also are able to adjust the Sound Personalization effect to be “stronger” or “milder”, and tune the sound to your preferences, content or context.

With Mimi on:

  • music becomes more enjoyable – you hear all aspects and instruments more clear (we call it ‘bringing back the details’), you feel sonically immersed, the overall sound is much more balanced and engaging.
  • speech becomes more intelligible – you understand the dialogues better instead of turning on subtitles or up the volume.

Why EQ is not the only solution

You could also use the Equalizer (EQ) on your device to manually adjust settings like treble, mids and bass, but these parameters are often too superficial and limiting. Mimi’s biologically inspired and complex signal processing solves problems an EQ cannot. Instead, what the Mimi processing technology does is create a real-time simulation of the human ear, replicating signal manipulation processes of a healthy cochlea. The result is a natural restoration of detail, richness, and contrast that protects the ears and allows users to listen at a lower volume. So you can enjoy a more immersive listening experience and full, user centric customization as well as protect your hearing.

Experience personalized sound like never before

After performing a digital Mimi hearing test, you can activate customized sound based on your unique hearing profile. This means, only those frequencies that you are not able to hear clearly or not at all are amplified. As a result, lost or less defined sound details are restored and you can enjoy a better overall audio experience, without needing to simply turn up the volume

Take three easy steps to experience sound tailored to your unique hearing:

  1. Purchase a Mimi-enabled device. 
  2. Download the companion app for your device.
  3. Take a hearing test and fine-tune Mimi Sound Personalization exactly to your taste.
Mimi Fine Tuning Sound Personalization

Discover customized audio with Mimi and our partners 

Mimi works with renowned audio manufacturers around the globe to provide the best Sound Personalization experience on a range of consumer devices. Together with our partners we offer customized audio on headphones, TWS earbuds, smartphones and TVs. 

Discover mimified devices and contact the Mimi Sales team to find out more about our innovative Sound Personalization technology!