Diversity and Inclusion at Mimi: Providing an LGBTQIA+ welcoming working environment

June was Pride Month across the world. Following this came non-binary awareness week, and Christopher Street day coming shortly after, marking the final week of Berlin Pride Month (28/6/22 – 24/7/22). It was fantastic to see the streets of Berlin filled with so many people celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community.

At Mimi, we are continuously working to provide a LGBTQIA+ welcoming working environment. Last week we teamed up with Hudson Pride Center to deliver a 60-minute LGBTQ+ Cultural Sensitivity training to the Mimi team.

The training was scheduled as one of our regular “lunch and learn” sessions. David (he/him), from Hudson Pride Center, met us virtually from the USA. The aim of the session was to help the team better understand how concepts of sex, gender expression, sexual orientation, sexual behaviour and human sexuality relate to the appropriate use of LGBTQIA+ affirming terminology in the workplace. By the end of the session, our team were able to explain the difference between sex assigned at birth, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation and sexual behavior and how they interact in the formation of human sexuality. They could also define the terms used to describe, affirm, diminish and understand sexual minorities, LGBTQIA+ communities and LGBTQIA+ culture.

Such sessions are an integral part of our Mimi culture, as we aim to create an inclusive environment and LGBTQIA+ welcoming and affirming space.

LGBTQIA+ Resources

Our Diversity and Inclusivity committee members have also put together some recommended LGBTQIA+ learning resources.


  1. Pride Leadership Strategies
  2. Diversity Workplace Eye Opening Interviews Conversations
  3. Allies Work Transgender Inclusive Environment
  4. Thriving Business Strategies LGBTQ Entrepreneur
  5. Gender Your Guide


  1. LGBTQ&A (Host: Jeffrey Masters)
  2. Making Gay History (Host: Eric Marcus)
  3. Getting Curious (Host: Jonathan Van Ness)

Local Berlin LGBTQ+ charities accepting donations:

  1. CSD
  2. LSVD

There are so many great resources that we encourage you to check out. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these listed above.

To learn more about we do as a company to promote diversity and inclusion, you can read our D&I policy.