Moving sound – beyerdynamic launches their first true wireless earbuds in Europe & US

After more than two years of research and development, beyerdynamic officially launched their first true wireless earbuds, Free BYRD, in Europe and the US today. beyerdynamic’s distinctive sound is renowned amongst creators all over the world.

The Free BYRD combines this distinctive sound with ANC for a completely undisturbed listening experience. Powerful drivers and state-of-the-art codecs such as aptX™ Adaptive and AAC provide perfect sound. Whether you’re gaming, listening to music or watching a series: this sound will move you.

On top of that, clever technologies such as Qualcomm® dual 2-mic cVc™ give the Free BYRD first-class speech intelligibility. This means you can be understood perfectly on a call, no matter where you are, no matter whether mono or stereo. 

Perfectly customized with Mimi Sound Personalization

After Amiron wireless copper, Amiron wireless, Aventho wireless, Xelento wireless, Lagoon ANC, Blue BYRD (1st generation), Blue BYRD (2nd generation), Free BYRD is the eighth pair of beyerdynamic headphones featuring Mimi Sound Personalization. With the beyerdynamic MIY app, users are able to adjust the sound of their headphones to their individual hearing. After taking a two-minute hearing test within the app, user’s can save their hearing profile directly to the headphones, and can enjoy audio that is perfectly tailored to their hearing profile. The result: an ultimate sound experience.

Sound adjustment in real time 

The intelligent processing of MOSAYC – Attention to Detail with Mimi Sound Personalization adjusts the sound in real time to permanently improve the user’s listening experience. Mimi Sound Personalization was developed according to the complex functions of the human ear. By helping the inner ear transmit more information to the brain, more details can be heard that may have been previously lost.

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