Mimi takes part in the SoundPrint ‘Find Your Quiet Place Challenge 2022’

This October, a diverse group of hearing health organizations will partner with SoundPrint to engage their communities for a fun, mission-driven competition.

Find Your Quiet Challenge 2022

Participants will use the SoundPrint app to measure sound levels at venues such as restaurants, shops and cafes and submit the decibel averages to the app’s publicly accessible database. 

Based on the collectively gathered data, SoundPrint will measure the progress of noise pollution and promote safe noise levels. The company will also share the collected sound level data with the WHO’s World Hearing Forum and other hearing health organizations. Prizes will be awarded to the most dedicated participants. Each sound measurement taken by you and your community members helps and enables SoundPrint to advocate for safe noise levels. It also helps communities find quieter places, and protect everyone’s hearing health. 

What is SoundPrint?

The SoundPrint App helps you to find a quiet place in a restaurant, bar, coffee shop or venue where you can actually hear what your friend, date, colleague, or partner is saying. SoundPrint’s own decibel meter allows you to measure the loudness of the venue and submit the data to the database. Then you can search for locations based on their noise level and find quiet venues. The simple to use app helps practicing safe hearing health and integrates a Healthkit to analyse your atmospheric noise data on the submissions screen.

Challenge accepted!

As it is Mimi’s mission to provide hearing wellbeing to everyone, we are excited to take part in the SoundPrint Find Your Quiet Place Challenge! The team is happy to support the campaign and promote hearing health awareness in a fun way! 

Be part of the challenge and promote hearing health in your community

Join the mission and promote hearing health awareness in your community to make the world a quieter place. Get the SoundPrint App to measure noise levels around your city. Download the free Mimi Hearing Test App to test your hearing.