Let the games begin – Skullcandy releases first gaming headsets with Mimi Sound Personalization

This autumn’s audio highlight is designed to augment your gaming experience: Skullcandy releases their brand new SLYR Pro and PLYR headsets featuring Mimi Sound Personalization. Offering compatibility across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and mobile, the SLYR Pro and PLYR multi-platform gaming headsets deliver rich, detailed sound, crystal-clear communications and all-day comfort. The launch marks the first gaming product powered by Mimi.

Skullcandy Gaming Headsets SLYR Pro with Mimi
SLYR Pro. Image Source: Skullcandy

Must-have technologies for fully immersive play

For committed gamers, exceptional audio, seamless communication and comfort are absolutely crucial. From illuminating unique nuances with personalized audio profiles, to executing crystal-clear player-to-player comms, Skullcandy packed PLYR and SLYR Pro with the must-have technologies gamers demand for fully immersive play.

The ideal lifestyle-to-livestream audio companions

In typical Skullcandy style, each headset is beautifully designed and set off with a unique digitized aesthetic, blending the nostalgia of gaming with a modern form factor. For every kind of gamer, there is the ideal audio companion matching your individual style.


PLYR is perfect for gamers who desire maximum flexibility to play both wired or wirelessly via Bluetooth. To make the most of the gamer’s audio experience, PLYR includes Skullcandy’s Enhanced Sound Perception (ESP) feature. Like prescription glasses, but for your ears, ESP is powered with Mimi Sound Personalization technology – adding maximum dimension to the user’s gaming and sound experience. To deliver crystal clear communications, PLYR features Clear Voice Smart Mic™. Dual-connect capabilities enable users to connect via wired and wireless connection to stream audio from two separate devices, simultaneously.

PLYR Multi-Platform Gaming Headset. Image Source: Skullcandy


For gamers seeking a premium wired-only gaming experience, SLYR Pro is the answer. It offers must-have features like ESP powered by Mimi and Clear Voice Smart Mic technology with detachable boom mic. SLYR Pro also sports a slightly redesigned headband for those who prefer a more classic, yet comfortable fit.

Skullcandy Gaming Headsets SLYR Pro with Mimi
SLYR Pro. Image Source: Skullcandy

Enjoy fully customizable sound with Skullcandy and Mimi

Skullcandy’s latest SLYR Pro and PLYR headsets offer Enhanced Sound Perception powered by Mimi, for a customizable audio experience.

Here’s how the enhanced hearing experience works: 

  • Hearing test: SLYR Pro and PLYR headset users take a short hearing test to create their unique sound profile, taking into account individual audio sensitivities shaped by genetics, age, lifestyle and environmental factors.
  • Custom-tuned headsets: Mimi seamlessly integrates hearing wellbeing into headphones and earbuds. This allows users to adapt the audio signal to their unique hearing ability, compensating for less than perfect hearing. An optimized experience is created with more detailed sound for games, music or media.

Boost your personalized sound experience

Mimi Hearing Technologies and Skullcandy founded their partnership in 2021. After the successful launch of Skullcandy’s Mimi-enabled TWS Grind Fuel Earbuds and TWS earbuds Dime XT 2, the new release of Skullcandy’s first Mimi-enabled gaming headsets SLYR Pro and PLYR is another milestone in the collaboration. The result is a fully immersive audio experience boosting your personalized sound experience to the max.

Want to experience Mimi for yourself with Skullcandy?

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