Introducing: Mimi Defined™ – Hear Every Detail

Hear every detail with Mimi Defined™

High-quality audio devices are capable of reproducing every detail of a recording. But each person perceives this sound in a unique way. What’s more, for the same person, the same song on the same device will sound different in a few years, because your hearing is individual and changes over time. To compensate for these individual hearing differences, we developed Mimi Defined™, an intelligent hearing technology that brings you the best, most individualized sound possible.

Hearing happens in the brain

Our ears are highly complex organs that do not simply record sound like a microphone. They play an active role in shaping our hearing experience. The ears send information to the brain, and receive back instructions based on the sound input. In fact, the brain sends back more information to our ears than it receives from them. This stimulates, among other things, the outer hair cells in our inner ear, which shorten or lengthen depending on the signals sent from the brain. This feedback loop – from the environment to our ears, to the brain, and back again – allows the human ear to dynamically adjust to every soundscape.

Hear details like a twenty-year-old

While listening to music, the dynamic response of our ears allows us to clearly distinguish individual tones within a complex sound mixture and pick out subtle details. How well this works varies from person to person. As a rule, the perception of high-pitch sounds decreases starting at age 20. The elaborate adaptation processes of the ear also become less effective over time. Music sounds more blurred and less brilliant, many details of a recording are lost. Mimi Defined™ compensates for this loss of function. By intelligently processing audio output signals, Mimi Defined™ brings back the pleasure of full sound.

Create your personalized profile with the Mimi Hearing Test

Mimi Defined™ is intuitive and easy to use. The short but accurate Mimi Hearing Test measures your hearing ability at different frequencies to create your personal Mimi Hearing Profile. Your Mimi Hearing Profile consists of more than 100 scientific parameters, mapped directly to your unique hearing. No time to take a hearing test? No worries! We can instantly give you an individual profile using just your year of birth, based on our statistical model of age-related hearing loss.

Individual real-time processing

The advanced technology that powers Mimi Defined™ continuously analyzes audio input in real time and adapts it to your hearing perception. Mimi Defined™ emphasizes the parts of the audio signal that are less pronounced by mimicking the complex adaptation processes of the inner ear. The technology adapts any audio source to optimally fit the listener. The result of all this? A revitalization of your ears’ ability to experience the full variety and complex detail of sound. You can now experience every nuance of a recording, and the sound feels clearer and warmer. We call it Mimi Defined™ – Hear every detail