TPV Philips TVs Launch In Europe with Mimi Sound Personalization

In March this year, Mimi announced  that Philips TV were becoming the first major Pan-European Television brand to include Mimi Sound Personalization on its TV sets.  Philips Android TVs are now available in European stores equipped with Mimi Sound Personalization technology.

Today’s TV shows and films often feature rapid dialogue. Characters often speak in their natural voice, resulting in quieter tones and mumbling as they compete with background noise and dramatic music. As a result, it can be hard to follow on-screen conversations and frustrating to miss out on key pieces of dialogue. You have to rewind a scene to listen again or even turn on the subtitles. 

Then, there’s the joy of optimal sound when watching music videos, action movies, and documentaries.  As viewers spend more time in digital pursuits, Mimi Hearing Technology brings clarity back to TV viewing, making viewing more engaging and immersive. 

TV viewers can personalize their TV audio to suit their unique hearing profile. As a result, you can enjoy an optimum sound quality and a more enjoyable TV experience. TV audio is personalized to your unique hearing ability, making the sound more clear and crisp. 

Setting up Sound Personalization on the TV is easy:

  • Download the Mimi app (free on iOS and Android Devices). 
  • Take a short hearing test with the Mimi Hearing Test app.
  • Your hearing profile syncs to the Philips TV via QR code.

You can now experience Mimi Sound Personalization in the following Philips TV range: 85×6, 9206, 9506, OLED706, and OLED8x6. 

Want to find out more? Read more about the partnership or learn more about Phillips televisions.