beyerdynamic Blue BYRD (2nd generation) now available with Mimi Sound Personalization

Last week beyerdynamic launched their new Blue BYRD (2nd generation) headphones, featuring Mimi Sound Personalization. The Bluetooth® in-ear headset combines the brand’s proven, high-quality sound with versatile usability for full flexibility in everyday life. The Blue BYRD enables smooth transitions between listening to music, phone calls, work, study, or sports – anytime, anywhere.

The Blue BYRD can be connected to beyerdynamic’s innovative MIY app. The “MOSAYC – Attention to Detail with Mimi Sound Personalization” elevates the sound of the Blue BYRD to the next level. After users take a two minute hearing test the sound and settings of the headphones can be personalized with the app and completely adapted to the user’s unique hearing ability. 

Due to the unique flat design, the Blue BYRD also offers a high level of comfort throughout the day. The special design of the in-ear headphones ensures that they do not protrude from the ear and are hardly noticeable even when lying down for relaxation as well as in between calls. Thanks to the practical neckband, the Blue BYRD is always quick at hand and ready for use at any time. When not in use or on the go, the flexible neckband can easily be folded and stored in the practical hard case included.

Want to try Mimi for yourself with beyerdynamic? 

The Blue BYRD (2nd generation) is available in the beyerdynamic online store and on Amazon Marketplace Germany. On October 28, it will be internationally available with selected retailers.