Personalization in an industry where it’s all been done before

By C. Kilkelly

Personalization refers to the growing trend in the tech world to put the idea of the common consumer to bed, instead placing the individual at the forefront of production and design. When it comes to wearable hearing devices, whether portable music players or hearing aids, the once slowly stagnating market has taken a quantum leap forward in potential since the advent of apps. Now, companies such as Mimi can offer a listening experience tailored to the unique needs and tastes of each user. In short…     


The Age of One-Size-Fits-All Design Is Over

And let me be the first to say good riddance! The compromising mantras of manufacturers, the bulky inflexibility of a design the masses can agree upon, have given way to a data-driven, individual focused model of production. Users input their personal information, what tastes and needs to possess, and a pool of research is gathered, an ever-expanding resource to be delved into for product development and improvement. For example…       


One Simple Hearing Test: Over 1.5 Million Ears Tested

It takes a mere six minutes to take Mimi’s patented hearing test, but the result could mean the change of a life-time for a hearing-impaired user.  The research we gathered form over 1.5 million app users worldwide, shows each how their hearing compares to the those of their age group, which ear hears better than the other, and tests a broad range of frequencies to ensure a thoroughly comprehensive test. The results are straightforward, suggesting how the sound entering your headphones, for example, could be altered to give you an optimum listening experience. After all… 


Individuals Buy Products That Reflect Themselves

Like no two fingerprints are alike, no two ears experience sound the same way. Mimi’s hearing test gives you your unique “ear print”. This unique breakdown of a user’s hearing health, offers individuals the potential to hear crisp, rich sound tailored to their specific needs. Listen to music, the conversations of other, or to external sounds of the world around you with a sense of ease, knowing you are in complete control, and that, with Mimi, you are in safe hands. But don’t take my word for it…


The Awards Are In

At Mimi we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve when it comes to research and development. As we continue our exciting collaboration with like-minded innovative companies such as beyerdynmaic, the world of tech and innovation continue taking note of our progress, conferring the following prestigious accolades in the last three years. 

  • CES Innovative Awards, 2018
  • IFA Prize For Audio Innovation, Berlin, 2017
  • Sonar+D Award for Innovation, 2017
  • StartUps & Developer Award, SF MusicTech, 2017
  • Mobile Premier Awards, 2016
  • Midem Lab Award, 2016

But awards aside, the team is more convinced than ever, that personalization — as a principle, is the path forward for creating the best results possible – where the user not only engages with the product, but helps to uniquely better it.

Want to hear Mimi sound personalization for yourself? Download Mimi Hearing Test App for free today!