Mimi to launch on new 2021 Philips TV’s across Europe 

TP Vision has confirmed that Philips TV will become the first major Pan-European Television brand to include Mimi Sound Personalization on its TV sets. 

The majority of the upcoming 2021 Philips Android TV models in Europe will include Mimi Sound Personalization technology, to ensure  customers enjoy an optimum sound quality, and allow them to personalize their sound performance specifically to their unique hearing profile.

Commenting on the addition of Mimi to Philips TVs, Martijn Smelt TP Vision’s CMO Europe said:

We have always considered the users overall experience to be an essential part of any Philips TV’s offering and just as important as outright picture and sound quality. The inclusion of the Mimi functionality proof that TV viewing can be further improved and personalized to make it an immersive and enjoyable experience’

Mimi allows users to personalize their TV audio to their unique hearing profile by taking a short hearing test – on an iOS or Android handset or tablet – to create a Hearing ID which can then be easily synced to the television via QR code. The result is a personalized and optimized sound performance that creates a more enjoyable television experience.

Mimi Sound Processing will be available on all models in the following 2021 Philips TV series: 85×6/ 9006/ 9206/ 9506/ OLED706/ OLED8x6. Find more information about the upcoming 2021 Philips TV range with Mimi integration here

Keep an eye out for more updates about this exciting partnership in the coming months, or find out where else you can find Mimi integrated products here.