Building A Bridge To Better Hearing

Author: Ian Ritchey, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

How Mimi Sound Personalization is connecting users to their content and their hearing health

Truly inclusive technology builds the user into the experience at the sensory level. The best tech enables human experience and accommodates the individuality of the users that wield them. We are experiencing an unprecedented uptick in digital consumption and interaction, putting more demand on the fundamental senses and our individual perception. The more we watch, play, pod, zoom, and consume – the more we listen, and the more critical our hearing becomes. 

At Mimi, the foundations of hearing drive everything we do. Globally we are listening more, but hearing less. Mimi is tackling this by building hearing compensation into the audio streams and devices we use every day.

We currently have 8 partners worldwide, with Mimi Sound Personalization integrated across a range of devices including televisions, headphones and radio streaming apps, with more to come in 2021. Mimi Sound Personalization allows users to personalize their devices to their unique hearing profile by taking a short hearing test. It adapts the audio signal to a user’s hearing ability, compensating for less than perfect hearing.

With this greater access to testing and personalization comes greater engagement and awareness in individual hearing health. With a digital hearing profile, which we call Hearing ID, sound can be personalized across devices, and insights can be tracked over time. With the rise of sound personalization, and introduction of features like exposure reduction, Mimi can help bridge the gap between hearing health awareness and individual user ability.

This hearing week, we were proud to showcase the audio accessibility efforts and expertise of industry leaders with a live panel on World Hearing Day, and to announce our latest product partnership with TP Vision and the introduction of Mimi Sound Personalization in the majority of the new 2021 Philips TV ranges in Europe (the Philips Performance Series – 8506 and up*). This is just one step for the Mimi team, who are making strides to continue to integrate into the technologies of the future.

Sound is increasingly the medium for digital experience, and human hearing is paramount to its perception. Making it personal makes it adaptive, engaging, enabling and protective. Mimi Sound Personalization is part of the solution to augmenting hearing health, enabling smarter sound that adapts to our unique abilities, enabling us to enhance enjoyment and inclusion all at once.